“Medicina per l’anima”. (Iscrizione sopra la porta della Biblioteca di Tebe)



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Danny Becher is internationally known for overtone singing and singing bowls.

He was born in Germany (1953), immigrated to India in 1973 and has been living in The Netherlands since 1981. He has a vast knowledge of Western as well as Eastern music.

While he was living in India, he studied Hindustan music, worked at an Ayurvedic Institute and as a designer and organizer in a multi-cultural centre. He studied yoga and how to play the tabla in Indian classical music. In The Netherlands, he studied classical singing and broadened his knowledge of Gregorian chanting.

He is teaching overtone singing and musical awareness at several institutes and colleges and is giving concerts throughout Europe, using singing bowls, bells and overtone singing.

Danny Becher has produced meditation CDs with The Tonus Ensemble and Fred Vogels. Over the past years he has been researching and teaching the harmonizing power of sound.


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