“Medicina per l’anima”. (Iscrizione sopra la porta della Biblioteca di Tebe)



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Explore Game of Thrones with this beautifully rendered and wholly original tarot card deck Includes 78 gorgeously illustrated cards and hardcover guidebook: This deluxe box melds the tradition of the tarot with the deep archetypes of Game of Thrones. Each card, from the Major Arcana to the Cups, Coins, Spears, and Swords of the Minor Arcana, offers a rich and meaningful experience. Game of Thrones fans will pore over a treasure trove of much-loved characters, scenes, and stories from the mega-hit television show depicted in a style both surprising and true to the world of Westeros. An accompanying hardcover booklet explains the symbolism of each card and how to use them in a tarot reading. * Includes 78 full-color cards, 114-page hardcover 2-color booklet, and an attractive hinged presentation box. * Written by tarot expert and author, Liz Dean, author of four tarot decks and ten books including The Ultimate Guide to Tarot and The Art of Tarot. * Illustrated by Craig Cross with Game of Thrones imagery. With 78 gorgeously illustrated cards and hardcover guidebook, fans of Game of Thrones will enjoy referring to the card meanings in the book. * Cards are sturdy and easy to shuffle, but large enough to see the intricate illustrations * An enduring and unique gift for Game of Thrones fans (c) 2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Game of Thrones and related trademarks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc


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